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Vintage Power Rangers | Kimberly the Pink Ranger

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Share the thrilling adventures of Kimberly the Pink Ranger and Trini the Yellow Ranger as they battle Evil Space Aliens! When the world is safe once again, dress Trini in her shorts and vest outfit and Kimberly in her pink mini dress.


  • Vintage 1994 Power Rangers Figure
  • Fantastic vintage doll of Kimberly
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Detailed Power Rangers uniform 
  • Changeable outfits and accessories
  • Height: 9 inches (22.86 cm)


  • Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger Doll
  • 2 Interchangeable outfits
  • 2 Interchangeable pairs of shoes
  • 1 Removable belt with holster
  • 1 Blade Blaster
  • 1 Helmet

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Minor package wear
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