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Silverhawks: Molecular with Volture (Kenner, 1986)

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Mo-lec-u-lar with Volt-ure from the 1986 Silverhawks line of figures


  • New unopened vintage figure
  • Fantastic sculpt, detail, and multiple points of articulation to include a waist swivel
  • Molecular's head can be manually rotated down and his Arms & legs are interchangeable
  • Volture has spring loaded wings that snap forward when the tail is depressed. Additionally, Volture can perch on Molecular's arm


  • Volture
  • Molecular wand/staff

Acceptable Condition (Mint):

  • New unpunched vintage figure
  • Bubble is clear, firmly attached, and free from cracks & dents
  • Cardback is darkened and has damage to the lower right front and upper left back of the card
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