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The Art of Spawn Issue 7 Cover Art Series 26

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Originally released in 2004's Art of Spawn Series 26, this posable statuette is based on Al Simmons appearance on the cover of Image comic's Spawn issue #7.


  • Fantastic paint, sculpted detail, and artistic design
  • Spawn is outfitted with grenades, blades, a rifle slung over his back, and a bandoleer of bullets across his chest (all attached munitions are not removable from the statuette
  • Minor pose-ability enhances the statuette's shelf presence 
  • Plastic statuette with diecast metal chains


  • 2 Rifle accessories

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • Mint Sealed
  • Clamshell has yellowing, some cracking at the top left of the container and some wear. However, it is still displayable within the packaging
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