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Transformers Masterpiece | MP-24 Starsaber

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Winner of the Masterpiece Fans Choice poll, Transformers MP-24 Starsaber was envisioned and developed by famed toy designer Hisashi Yuki. An imposing figure within the Masterpiece line, Star Saber definitely pays homage to his G1 Victory roots.

*Side Note* Its important to note that minor paint defects have been known to plague the Masterpiece line. Buyers acknowledge and accept this understanding when purchasing.


  • Authentic Takara Tomy Japan release
  • Fantastic detail and Cartoon accurate sculpt-work
  • Die-cast parts
  • "Brain Master" can be placed in the chest and elevated to push Saber's head into place
  • Saber can combine with with the V Star to form Star Saber
  • Multiple accessories and combinations in both bot and vehicle mode increase play-ability
  • Shoulder cannon covers can be lifted to reveal hidden missiles


  • 1 "Brain of Courage" Brainmaster figure
  • 1 "V-Star" ship/body, 
  • 1 Nosecone/shield/sword
  • 1 Small nosecone/sword hilt
  • 1 Large "Saber Blade"
  • 1 small Saber Blade"
  • 1 "Saber Laser"
  • 1 Shield/stand pieces


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