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Anubis Zone of the Enders | Ardjet No,130 | Yamaguchi

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From the Anubis Zone of Enders series, Ardjet is A highly-detailed reproduction of the in game/anime Type C Orbital Frame



  • Intricate paint and detail
  • Multiple points of articulation allow for excellent pose-ability
  • Diverse accessory count heightens play-ability and aids in scene recreation


  • 1 Additional set of swap out hands
  • 4 Wisp missiles
  • 2 Energy blades (Nail Saber)
  • 1 Set of cape/coffin shield parts
  • 1 Set of removable thrusters
  • 1 Ribonucleic container for parts storage
  • 1 Stand
Standard Condition (MINT):
  • New/Mint
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