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The One:12 Collective Green Goblin sports his classic look, wearing a fitted bodysuit, tunic, and cross body satchel bag which can store his assorted bombs. 5 head portraits are included – three Green Goblin portraits with varying facial expressions and two unmasked Norman Osborne portraits.

Green Goblin is never seen without his most prized invention, the Goblin Glider which he can securely attach to with the included foot straps. The Glider features hinged wings, two removable hover FX and thruster FX, and attaches to the included posing post.

After the testing of an unstable strength-enhancing serum lands him in the hospital, Norman Osborne emerges smarter, stronger, and maniacal. Assuming the mantle of Green Goblin, Osborne uses his new powers to reign down chaos and destruction and attempt to settle his personal vendetta with Spider-Man

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  • $10 NRD
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  • Based on Marvel Comic's classic Green Goblin
  • Fantastically sculpted and highly detailed
  • 32 Points of articulation
  • Real fabric clothes
  • Made of plastic and fabric
  • 6.69 inches (17cm)
  • Spider-Man figure not included


  • Green Goblin figure
  • 5 Head sculpts
  • 7 Pairs of hands
  • Alternate left hand
  • 6 Pumpkin bombs
  • Smoking pumpkin bomb
  • Flaming pumpkin bomb
  • Thrown pumpkin bomb
  • 3 Throwing bats
  • Sparkle blast effect
  • Goblin mask
  • Bag
  • Ghost bomb
  • Frog bomb
  • Glider
  • 2 Hover effects
  • Glider blast effect
  • Figure stand

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New unopened figure

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