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    In an effort to cure himself of a rare debilitating blood disease, Michael Morbius turned himself into a pseudo vampire. As a result of his genetic manipulation, Morbius gained superhuman abilities, including enhanced hearing, agility, speed, strength, and stamina.  Although Morbius doesn't suffer from typical vampire weaknesses, he has been cursed with a terrible yet necessary life sustaining bloodlust.  


    • 6.69 inches (17cm)
    • Made of plastic and fabric
    • Highly detailed figure with multiple points of articulation 


    • Morbius figure w/cloth clothing
    • 2 Additional Head sculpts
    • 4 Additional Pairs of hands
    • Mobile lab case with:
      • 1 Test tube
      • 1 Beaker
      • 1 Hematology analyzer
      • 1 Microscope
      • 1 Dagger
      • 1 Hammer
      • 1 Serum gun
      • 2 Steaks
    • 1 Stand w/adjustable arm attachment 

    Standard Condition (Mint):

    • New (Mint Condition)
    • May have some package wear

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