Master Made | SDT-02 Diabolus Rex

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Master Made's SDT-02 Diabolus Rex is a super deformed fully transformable, triple-changer. Diabolus also includes a mini super deformed non-transforming Megatron figure. Add this fun, rare, and fantastic figure to your collection today!

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  • Authentic Master Made figure
  • Fantastic use of paint, colored plastics, and detail 
  • Multiple ports and weapon accessories allow for the imagination to run wild with tons of different load out options
  • Highly posable figure has multiple points of articulation
    • auto-morph feature automatically articulates the eyebrows when opening & closing the mouth
  • Triple changing figure transforms from a T-Rex, into a weaponized station, into a gunship, and back
  • Includes 1 detailed super deformed figure
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • 8.27"


  • 1 SDT-02 Diabolus Rex
  • 1 Super deformed non-transforming Megatron figure 
  • 10 Weapon Accessories
  • 1 Mini ship/stabilizer for alt mode

 Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New (mint)
  • May have some package wear and creasing


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