ONE:12 COLLECTIVE Rumble Society | Baron Bends and the Aquaticons

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Baron Bends, ancient, lone warlord of the cosmic realm and last remaining Aqua-Knight. Now a galactic nomad the Baron searches time and space on a holy quest known only to him.

The One:12 Collective Baron Bends wears Tangaroanian Armor, the hi-nanotech armor of the Aqua-Knights that is capable of withstanding any atmospheric condition as well as creating an incredibly strong protective skin.

Baron is well-equipped to take on whatever creatures lurk in the depths, wielding his Omni-Glaive, furnished with a novablade capable of cutting through practically anything. Baron is the keeper of the Weigh of Woes, a gilded anchor-shaped weapon forged from the underwater volcanic furnaces of his stronghold planetoid and infused with negatite. The Weigh of Woes harnesses immense powers bestowed upon it by The Order of The Holy Divers many a millennia ago.

Baron Bends is accompanied by the Aquaticons - his trusty, elite troop that receive commands telepathically from the technology in his helmet.


  • One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation
  • Two (2) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands including 
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands (L & R)
    • One (1) pair of holding hands (L & R)


  • Tangaroanian Armor
  • Antimass gloves designed to handle the weaponry of the Aqua-Knights
  • Duty belt with universal translator and suit power supply
  • Atmospheric cosmo-boots
  • Aqua-Knight power vestment tubes (optional)


  • One (1) Omni-Glaive
  • One (1) Weigh of Woes
  • Four (4) Aquaticons
  • One (1) display stand for Aquaticons
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each One:12 Collective Baron Bends figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

*This product is intended for collectors ages 18 and up and is not suitable for children. The product may contain small parts that can be a choking hazard as well as sharp points that can cause injury. The item is not designed for rough play and is considered a display item for collectors.

Created by Mez Markowitz.

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