Macross GBP-1S Valkyrie Armored Set 1/55 | TAKATOKU, 1983 |

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Pre-Owned Macross GBP-1S Armor Set for 1/55 Scale Valkyries

*Side Note: Valkyrie Armor Dead stock from Japan without a cover.


  • Vintage GBP-1S Valkyrie Armor Set from 1983
  • Versatile armor set can be used with any 1/55 scale Valkyrie from the Takatoku line
  • Hatches located at the shoulders and breastplate can open to reveal missile hidden pods
  • Composed of sturdy, high grade plastics


  • 1 Set of front & back tactical armor (with hidden missile pods)
  • 1 Fast pack
  • 2 Shoulder pauldrons (with hidden missile pods)
  • 2 Wrist guards
  • 2 Sets of leg guards
  • Water slide decals
  • Instructions (printed)

Pre-Owned Condition:

  • Fantastic Condition
  • Authentic Takatoku release
  • Free from breaks, chips, plastic stress, and yellowing
  • Very minor scuffing (negligible)

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