Transform Element | TE-03 Speed Star

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A fantastic likeness to his G-1 predecessor, Transform Element's TE-03 Phantom (reissue), introduces a fantastic cartoon accurate MP-Scaled G1 Mirage to the third-party Transformers fanbase. 


  • Fantastic sculpt, paint, and likeness
  • 6.3" tall in robot mode
  • Multiple points of articulation allow for numerous dynamic posing options*
  • Diecast parts
  • Transforms from a robot, to a formula 1 race car, and back


  • TE-03 Phantom (AKA Speed Star)
  • 1 Additional head 
  • 1 Additional smiling face plate
  • 1 Pistol
  • 1 Shoulder Missile

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New unopened figure
  • Minor package wear may be present
*Side Note*
It's important to note that some figures within this line have had swapped hips. However, this issue is largely limited to the first run of this figure, whereas this listing is for the later release that has largely addressed this concern.  And while this issue has been thoroughly addressed with this release, QC missteps may still occur on rare occasions. If you experience such an occurrence, simple hip fix videos are available online. 

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