Transformers Energon: Tidal Wave (Hasbro, 2003)

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Tidal Wave from the 2003 Transfomers Energon line of figures

Additional Information:

  • Transformers Energon Tidal Wave is a repaint of the Transformers Armada Tidal Wave


  • Fantastic sculpt and paint-work
  • The original Tidal Wave mold was recast with translucent green parts
  • Three piece set features an aircraft carrier, battleship, and a troop-landing craft
  • All three crafts may be combined to form a single gigantic warship and the robot Tidal Wave himself
  • The aircraft carrier has an elevator gimmick used to conceal a Ramjet minicon
  • The Ramjet minicon activates a swiveling cannon gimmick on the battleship
  • The troop landing craft opens to reveal 4 minicon seats
  • All three crafts can be combined with Transformers Armada Galvatron


  • 2 Missiles
  • 1 Ramjet minicon

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Minor shelf wear

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