If you're concerned about potentially missing a new unreleased collectable, our pre-order process helps consumers to avoid missing out. When possible, we will send out pre-order arrival notifications. This will allow you to review your selected payment method, shipping address, and shipping method before your order is processed. If there are any changes, please notify Nerd Urbanity through email quickly so we can update said changes. 

Pre-order Payment

No payment is generally necessary until the item arrives at our warehouse and is ready to ship. When you purchase a pre-order, we will ask you to indicate how you would like to pay for the item. All accepted payment methods may be used to pay for pre-orders, including PayPal. We realize this may be months in advance, so you have the option to change payment methods at any time before the item arrives. Once the item arrives at the warehouse, we will process your order and charge your chosen payment method.

  • Updates as to when incoming products will be in stock will provided 
  • For partial pay customers
  • Once items arrive in-stock, payment requests for any residual fees will be sent out. 
  • Residual fees must be paid promptly, as to avoid pre-order abuses*
  • Residual fees must be paid within 7 days of a payment request, or your purchase will be canceled 
  • If canceled than all partial fees will be fully reimbursed, unless the partially fee was an NRD 
  • NRD's are not eligible for reimbursement 

Managing Pre-orders

To manage your pre-order, simply open your account page with your purchase or email Nerd Urbanity directly to assist with any concerns. It is important to note that customers have the option to pay pre-orders in full or use our partial pay feature to reserve your pre-order. It is also important to note that some partial pay pre-orders will be subject to a Non-Refundable Deposit (please read below for more information)

Nonrefundable deposits

Some of Nerd Urbanity's collectables may require a non-refundable deposit, as such these items (with a stipulated NRD) may canceled and/or returned, however, the deposit will not be reimbursed. While NRD items will be clearly marked, it is the buyer's responsibility to be cognizant of the required nonrefundable payment involved. 

Pre-order Cancelation

If you wish to cancel a pre-order that required a non-refundable down payment at the time of order placement, you will need to Nerd Urbanity's contact customer service to complete the cancelation. Please keep in mind that your non-refundable down payment will not be refunded.

Pre-order Arrival Dates

Every product on pre-order lists an expected arrival date. We check in with our vendors constantly to ensure the information we provide is up to date. If something has changed, we will update our listings and the information in your account.

While we would like to ensure specific dates, the toy industry can and does have delays. Therefore, Nerd Urbanity's expected arrival date is an estimate and there are no guarantees of when a pre-ordered product will come in stock.

We cannot provide any compensation for the late or canceled preordered products and we recommend that our customers plan gift/special occasion purchases in advance and/or purchase in stock items, as arrival dates can and will change.

Arrival notices

When possible, Nerd Urbanity will send out notification that a pre-order is arriving soon. This will allow you to review selected payment method, shipping address, and shipping method before your order is processed.

It is important to note that we may not be able to provide notice for all incoming items, as we are dependent on our vendors notification. Therefore, any changes to your information should be updated as soon as possible. 

Pre-order Pricing

Due to the nature of pre-orders, pricing may sometimes change after we've listed a product for presale. If the price of a pre-order is reduced, prices will be adjusted to represent the lowered price. In rare cases, exact pricing from the vendor may not be initially provided, or we may be under obligation from the vendor to price according to their stipulations and/or if higher tariffs are imposed by the United States. In this event, we will contact each individual consumer to provide this information and give an opportunity to either accept or decline the increased rate. In the case of a declined purchase, the declining party will be provided a full refund. If the item had an NRD, then the deposited funds will also be returned to the consumer.  

Pre-order Shipping

Pre-order shipping fees are estimates, not the actual amount charged for shipping. We do not always know the exact weight or product dimensions at the time we list a product for pre-order.

Pre-order Fulfillment

Once pre-ordered items arrive, we will work diligently to send in stock items as quickly as possible. However, there may be circumstances out of our control, and in these rare cases we will notify our consumers of the delay. We also ask for a little patience and understanding in said circumstances. If Nerd Urbanity cannot fulfill a pre-order, we will cancel and notify you of the cancelation as soon as we can. No compensation will be provided for the inconvenience.

Pre-order Package Grading

***Policy Pending***

Pre-Order Misuse

A few individuals may use our pre-ordering system to hold specific items in an effort to prevent others from purchasing and to that effect may look to artificially inflate the rarity and price of an item and/or withhold the stock in an effort increase their own sales. The staff at Nerd Urbanity are dedicated to our consumers, and we will not tolerate this behavior.  If we determine a customer is abusing the system, we may require a non-refundable down payment or full payment for every pre-order by that customer and institute a lifelong ban from our store.