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35 Years of TMNT Original Comic Book Series Gift Set

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Originally available at Wal-Mart, this set harkens back to the original black and white comics where The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their start. Each turtle and their corresponding weapons feature comic book accurate black and white details with red bandanas. 


  • Walmart Exclusive Release
  • Black and white comic book accurate detail 
  • Fantastic sculpt harkens back to the TMNT's original 1984 comic book release
  • Each comic book inspired TMNT figure comes with their signature weapons
  • Bonus version of the first TMNT comic book included
  • Made of plastic
  • Height: 4.37 inches (11.11cm)


  • TMNT 1984 Comic Inspired Leonardo
    • 2 Katanas
  • TMNT 1984 Comic Inspired Raphael
    • 2 Sais
  • TMNT 1984 Comic Inspired Michealangelo
    • 2 Nunchucks
  • TMNT 1984 Comic Inspired Donatello 
    • 1 Bo Staff
  • Bonus version of the first TMNT comic book

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Minor package wear
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