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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: White Tigerzord (Bandai, 1994)

$160.00 USD

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: White Tigerzord (1994) From the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series


  • Excellent sculpt and chrome paint
  • Electronic lights & sounds
  • Perfect Transformation


  • 8 inch White Ranger figure
  • Breastplate & Saba sword for the White Ranger
  • Small White Ranger figurine
  • White Tiger Power Crystal
  • White Tiger Power Coin
  • White Tigerzord Sword
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 7 clear red dome shoulder accents on a spru 
  • Baseplate for Firebird Thunderzord
  • Legs for Firebird Thunderzord on a spru

Standard Condition (MINT):

  • MINT
  • Minor package wear


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