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As a bi-monthly comic produced under the now defunct Transformers Collector's Club banner, the Transformers Timelines series involved a variety of media and featured continuities that diverged from the original storylines. The Timelines Seacons / Piranacons are a part of this continuity and were created in toy form as an homage to their comic book predecessors. This rare and exclusive set includes recolored version of Snap Trap, Skalor, Overbite, Tentakil, Seawing, and Nautilator which was not included with the original G-1 set.


  • Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive G-1  Super Warrior Piranacon
  • Thick cardboard collector friendly packaging with foam inserts
  • All six Seacons/Piranacons are recolored using the Timelines color schemes
  • All accessories and weapons are recolored using the Timelines color schemes
  • Collectors cards for all six figures and their gestalt form
  • Made of plastic


  • Transformers Collectors Club deacon Super Warrior Piranacon
  • 10 Weapons
  • 6 Bases with stands
  • 2 Combiner fists
  • 2 Combiner feet
  • 1 Combiner head

Pre-Owned Condition:

  • 100% Complete with instructions and collectors cards
  • Fantastic condition
  • All accessories are included
  • All items are free from breaks, paint rub, plastic stress, and or cracks

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