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Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Crashbar

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The battle is evolving with the Transformers Legacy Evolution Crashbar action figure!

Crashbar is one of the fastest Junkions. He races across the planet at high speed, often crashing into obstacles and reassembling himself before speeding off again. Transformers toys are upgraded with Evo-Fusion technology! Fight with fusion abilities by breaking this Crashbar toy apart and fusing with other Transformers: Legacy Evolution figures as indestructible Junkion armor! (sold separately) 

Celebrate the last 40 years of Transformers history with Transformers Legacy action figures for boys and girls. Transformers Legacy opens the portal to a whole new universe of -- More Than Meets the Eye -- bringing together every generation of Transformers like you’ve never seen before. Collect and combine different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup. 


  • 5.5 inches (13.97cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Can be broken apart and fused with other figures as indestructible Junkion armor
  • Transforms from robot to motorcycle in 15 steps
  • Deluxe Class
  • Fully articulated


  • Crashbar figure
  • 2 Tailpipes
  • 2 Thrusters

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