Voltron Strato-Fighter (Matchbox, 1985)

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From the Galaxy Garrison Exploration Fleet comes a team of 5 advanced Strato Fighters. Together with the rest of their team, they defend peace and justice against the Drule empire as DaiRugger 15 (aka Vehicle Voltron).


  • Vintage Strato-Fighter set from 1985
  • Vehicles feature friction motors
  • 5 vehicles can combine to form the powerful Strato-Fighter
  • Combine the Land Warrior, Strato-Fighter, and Space Warrior teams together to form Voltron
  • 1 Command Jet Explorer
  • 1 Strato Weapons Module
  • 2x Advanced Recon Helicopters 
  • 1 Falcon Jet Fighter (#5)
  •  Instructions (Original)

Excellent Condition (Pre-Owned):

  • Box has creasing, shelf wear, & tearing
  • Strato-Fighter set is 100% complete, unbroken, and in excellent condition

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