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Sky Commanders | Outrider Kenner, 1987

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Vintage/Sealed Outrider from the Sky Commanders line of figures.


  • Vintage Sky Commanders Outrider (1987)
  • Fantastic sculpt and detail
  • Outrider features spring loaded missiles & docking mounts that can be fastened on surfaces
  • Using the push crank the Outrider's Scout Seat drops 15 inches away from the craft via a cable line
  • Scout Seat can be detached to race down a Transport Cable
  • Outrider
  • 1 Rex Cling figure
  • 1 Missile
  • Transport Cable
  • Detachable Scout Seat

Standard Condition (Mint)

  • New/Mint
  • Some box wear and wrinkling is present
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