Machine Robo Rod Drill MR-02 | Action Toys (2016)

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Rare, discontinued MR-02 Rod Drill Transforming Action figure (AKA Gobots Screw Head) from Action Toys. Released in 2016, the MR-02 Rod Drill is a Masterpiece Ver. of Machine Robo's valiant Battle Clan member. 

*This is the transforming action figure released in 2016 and not the upcoming model kit


  • Rare Discontinued Machine Robo Masterpiece from Action Toys
  • Transforms from a robot to a drill and back
  • Fantastic likeness to his appearance in the 1986 Machine Robo episode titled "Rising Storm! The Fighting Style of Justice!"
  • 18 points of articulation
  • Height: 5" (12.5 cm) 
  • Die Cast Parts


  • Rod Drill figure (Screw Head)
  • Two blade weapons
  • Two drill heads

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New unopened 

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