Manga Realization Koutetsu Samurai Iron Man MK-3

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The Tamashii Nations Samurai Iron Man is True to the feudal spirit of this line, as Iron Man is re-imagined as a stylized steam punk samurai warrior and comes complete with dual Flintlock pistols and a steam powered jet pack.

***Side Note: It’s important to note that this is an authentic release of the Tamashii Nations Samurai Iron Man Figure***


  • Intricately sculpted details and paint work
  • Multiple points of articulation and swap out parts allow for diverse action posing options
  • Sturdy collector friendly packaging


  • 1 Katana Sword & sheath
  • 1 Steam powered rocket pack
  • 2 Additional swap out hands
  • 2 Flintlock pistols

Standard Condition (MINT):

  • New/Mint
  • Minor wear to the corners of the packaging may be present

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