Masters of the Universe Classics Wind Raider

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Masters of the Universe / MotU Classics Wind Raider Battle Ram Chariot by Mattel


  • Box features artwork by Rudy Obrero, the original artist who designed the vintage Wind Raider box art 
  • Fantastic paint work and sculpted details
  • The Wind Raider features a rotating tail fin, rotating wings, rolling wheels, and launching missile on a string attached to a rotating crank winch to roll the string back into the ship  
  •  The Wind Raider can hold one 7" MOTU Classics figure at a time (not included)
  • Posable flight stand is included for flying poses 


  • Wings (minor assembly is required)
  • 1 Missile attached to a string 
  • Flight Stand

Collectors Condition (Mint):

  • Wind Raider comes compete with mailer
  • Wind Raider is in collectors' condition, as inner box is free from wear, blemishes, and rips. Perfect for an in box or box art collector


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