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Vintage Transformers Beast Wars | Black Lio Convoy C-16 | Takara, 1998

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Only available in Japan as a Toys "R" Us store exclusive, Takara's Black Lio Convoy (blue clawed version) is a rarity among Transformers toy lines, as it has the distinction of being the the first black repaint/evil clone of a Convoy (Optimus Prime) figure. Although the packaging for the exclusive remains identical to the original release, a large black and silver lion sticker featuring Comic Bom Bom's logo, distinguishes the two.

For more Optimus Prime/Convoy facts, please read Transform and Roll Out : The Legacy of Optimus Prime: An Exhibition Guide


  • Fantastic black and teal repaint of the original Lio Convoy mold
  • Spring-loaded missile launchers attach in both modes
  • Spring-loaded mane reveals additional missile launchers
  • Spring-loaded claws hidden in forelegs in beast mode, forearms in robot mode
  • Hidden Matrix in chest panel
  • Push gear on lion head allows for mane to become spinning blade weapon
  • Concealed heat-sensitive Energon Chip rub sign sticker
  • Collector friendly packaging


  • 2 Missile launchers
  • 6 Missiles

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Some box wear
  • Box is protected with a plastic cover
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