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Transformers Commemorative Series: Astrotrain (Hasbro Asian Market Exclusive )

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Re-released in his original Japan exclusive black and white coloration, Hasbro's Asian Market Astrotrain* is a triple changing member of the iconic G1 Transformers line.

*Side Note: Commemorative Astrotrain received exclusive releases in the U.S, Australia, and Asia, resulting in 2 packaging variations. The differences are the following.

U.S. and Australia Exclusive Releases: 

  • Commemorative Series IX is printed on the front cover
  • Ages 5+ is printed lower on the front cover
  • The faction and name tag for the figure is larger and simply reads Astrotrain

Asia Exclusive Release:

  • Commemorative Series IX label was removed
  • Ages 5+ is printed towards the top of the front cover
  • A large warning sign is printed on the front cover
  • The faction and name tag for the figure reads Decepticon Astrotrain


  • Vintage sculpt indicative of its original 1980's design
  • Diverse accessory parts allow for increased play-ability
  • Die-cast parts
  • Velcro tabbed collector friendly packaging


  • 1 Ionic Displacer Rifle

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Minor box wear
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