Fans Toys

FT-10 Phoenix

$399.00 USD

Indicative of his G-1 cartoon counterpart, Fans Toys Phoenix (FT-10), is a fantastic masterpiece scale version of  Transformers Jetfire (Skyfire)


  • Authentic Fans Toys release 
  • Phoenix weighs in at 3+ lbs and is 13.8 inches in height to the top of his head and 15 inches in height to the top of his backpack  
  • Perfect transformation
  • Excellent sculpt-work
  • Good pose-ability 
  • Tight ratcheted joints throughout 
  • All Fans Toys figures receive a quality assurance inspection prior to boxing & distribution 
  • High quality Plastic & die-cast parts


  • 1 G-1 cartoon inspired riffle 
  • 1 Set of swap-out translucent blue eyes
  • 1 Swap out chest plate to allow for a faction symbol change 
  • 1 adapter for a Fans Toys flight stand (A flight stand is not included with the FT-10 release)

    Collectors Condition (MINT):

    • MINT
    • Very minimal box wear

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