Perfect Effect | PE-DX05 Leonidas

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As an anime inspired homage to Lio Convoy (Beast Wars II), Leonidas boasts a fantastically intricate design and detail indicative of the Perfect Effect name. Standing 9 inches tall (23 centimeters) Perfect Effect's Leonidas is fully transformable, has more than 60 points of articulation, and has tons of accessories. 


  • Perfect Effect's Leonidas is fantastically sculpted
  • Remarkable detail and intricate paint work
  • Multiple points of articulation allows for multiple posing options
  • Over 60 Points of articulation 
  • Transformers from robot to mechanical lion and back
  • Made of plastic and diecast
  •  9 inches tall (23 centimeters) 


  •  Perfect Effect Leonidas
  • 2 Katanas
  • 1 Laser bow
  • 2 Daggers
  • 1 Tail whip
  • 2 Laser riffles
  • 1 Display stand

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New and may have some package wear

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