Figma: Kamen Rider Blank (Max Factory)

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From Figma Figure O Magazine, comes an Exclusive Kamen Rider Blank figure. Kamen Rider Blank is the Ryikui's base level form prior to establishing a connection with a Contract Monster in Kamen Rider Ryuki.


  • Superb sculpt and paint work
  • Highly pose-able with multiple points of articulation
  • Uses of flexible materials to aid pose-ability

Accessories include

  • 5 sets of swap out hands
  • Highly detailed and series accurate sword vent card
  • Sword (unbroken)
  • Broken sword hilt & Broken Blade

Standard Condition (MINT):

  • MINT
  • Minor creasing
  • Minor shelf wear
  • Authentic Figma release
  • Limited Figure King Magazine release

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