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Silverhawks: Monstar with Skyshadow (Kenner, 1986)

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Escaped fugitive and 300 year old leader of the villainous Limbo Mob, Mon*Star transforms into a nearly unstoppable power house when bathed in the light of the Moon-Star. With his power, cunning, and cruelty, Mon*Star holds an iron grip on the Limbo underworld, one of which, very few would dare to seize.


  • Rare vintage Silverhawks figure
  • Fantastic sculpt and detail
  • Squeeze Mon*Star's legs together to rotate his spiked head into his chest to reveal his de-powered face sculpt
  • Mon*Star comes with his robotic bat Sky-Shadow. Sky-Shadow can hang upside down from Mon*Star's arm and by depressing his head, perform a pincer attack


    • Sky-Shadow

    Standard Condition (Mint):

    • New vintage figure
    • Bubble is clear, firmly attached, and free from cracks & dents
    • Card back with some wear and curling
    • The cardback has a crease along the back right side of the card
    • There is some minor pulling at the image where the bubble is glued, however this has had no impact on the bubble's attachment, as it remains firmly attached to the cardback


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