Silverhawks: Sprinthawk (Kenner, 1987)

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Flying into battle is the Silverhawks single manned jet, the Sprinthawk. With snap out wings and a nose cone missile, the Sprinthawk is ready for a high speed sky fight.


  • Very rare vintage vehicle
  • Fantastic sculpt & design 
  • An included sticker sheet gives the Sprinthawk some much needed color contrasts
  • large cockpit and canopy allows for a single figure to sit comfortably. Additionally, there is a sculpted perch located on the top of the jet for a bird companion to clip onto
  • Gimmicks include snap out wings (via a button located under the tail) and a spring loaded nose cone launcher (fires via a button located on the ships left near the cockpit)


  • 1 Nose cone missile

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New unopened Vintage Figure
  • The box's tape remains intact
  • The box has some wear, wrinkling, and tearing (tear located at the top right front corner of the box)

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