Thundercats | Berserkers RAM BAM (LJN, 1986)

$240.00 USD $275.00 USD Save $35.00 USD

Vintage Berserker RAM BAM from the Thundercats 1986 line of figures.


  • Unopened vintage figure
  • Fantastic paint and design
  • 3 points articulation
  • RAM BAM's Battle-Matic Action is controlled via a pull string located on the figures back. Hold the figure and pull the string rappidly 2-3 times. Once revved up, place the figure on a smooth flat surface to send Ram Bam zooming into action


    • None

    Acceptable Condition (Mint):

      • Minor yellowing to the bubble, however there is some scuffing and there is crack on the front left and back of the bubble
      • The card-back has creasing, curling, and shelf wear

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