(Pre-Owned) Macross SDF-1 Battel Fortress (Matchbox, 1985)

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Vintage Macross SDF-1Battel Fortress by Matchbox 1/3000 scale.

*Care must be taken, as vintage SDF-1 figures can have brittle plastics over time.


  • Vintage figure from 1985
  • Fantastic sculpt and build
  • Plastic & die-cast
  • Perfect transformation from "Cruiser" mode, to "Battle" mode, to "Attack" mode, and back
  • Integrated landing gear, opening hatches, removable super carriers (right below the elbow) & pivoting cannons
  • Amazing box art and collector friendly packaging


  • None

Pre-Owned Condition:

  • Fantastic condition with tight movable joints and great ratchets
  • 100% complete with 2 used sticker sheets and instructions
  • The figure has no stickers applied
  • Unbroken with no cracks or scuffs
  • Figure is pristine white with some minor yellowing at the head only

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