Queen's Blade Inquisition: No.014 Sigui 1P Color Edition (For 18+ Collectors Only)

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 From Queens Blade Rebellion comes Inquisition Sigui by Revoltech

*Due to the nature of this figure it is recommended for 18+ customers only*


  • Fantastic paint and detail
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Large & diverse accessory count
  • Removable accessories


  • 2 additional swap-out face plates
  • 1 Mace of Holy Fire
  • 1 Chained Blade
  • 4 Additional Swap-out garment parts
  • 1 Additional set of swap-out hands
  • 2 Additional set of blue elbow joints
  • 1 Stand w/ multi jointed arm
  • 1 Storage box for accessories

Collectors Condition (Mint):

  • Very minor wear if any

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