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Transformers: #91 Clampdown (Ehobby, 2003)

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Based on the Countach LP500S, Ehobby's Clampdown was initially intended to be a part of the original 1983 Diaclone line. As fate would have it, his original law enforcement design was scrapped and replaced with a fire and rescue motif (Red Alert).


  • The first and currently only G1 release of Diaclone Clampdown's scrapped  1983 design
  • Classic design and transformation is indicative of its vintage origins
  • Diverse accessory parts allow for increased play-ability
  • Working spring loaded missile launcher
  • Die-cast parts


  • 1 Rifle
  • 1 Launcher
  • 3 Missiles

Standard Condition (Mint)

  • Mint
  • Minimal box wear
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