ROTF Transformers Human Alliance Skids

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Autobot Skids, Arcee, & Mikaela Banes from the Revenge of the Fallen line of figures.


  • Excellent representation of the skids character from the Revenge of the Fallen movie
  • Great sculpted detail and paint
  • Multiple points of articulation allow for excellent pose-ability
  • Gimmicks include, a flip out mini gun behind Skids head, a fold out spring loaded missile, and   movement via a small gray button on Skids' head
  • Arcee mini-bot & Mikaela figures are included. Additionally, Mikaela can ride Arcee and can be placed inside Skids
  • Mikaela is well painted and features multiple points of articulation


  • 1 Missile'

Standard Condition (Mint):

  • New
  • Normal wear
  • Window may have some scuffing


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