Transformers Masterpiece | MP-48 Dark Amber Leo Prime

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Born from the fusion of Unicron's remnant Angolmois Energy within Earth's crust and the lifeless body of the great Leo Prime, Dark Amber Leo Prime finds himself between two opposing forces—the righteousness of Leo Prime and the evil of Unicron.


  • Brilliant black and teal repaint of Lio Convoy 
  • Mutiple points of articulation for dynamic pose-ability
  • Dark Amber Leo Prime features
    • Opening chest hatch with a sculpted Matrix inside
    • Deployable arm blades
    • Deployable shoulder cannons
    • Opening hatches on calves reveal articulated jet boosters
  • Transforms from a black lion into a robot and back
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • Made of plastic
  • Robot mode height: 9 in (22 centimeters)


  • Dark Amber Leo Prime figure
  • 4 Missiles
  • 2 Beam launch tubes
  • Weapon
  • Collectable character card
  • Instructions

Standard Condition (Mint):


Case fresh, however, there may be some package wear

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