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Transformers G1: Kickback (Hasbro, 1985)

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Sealed Vintage 1985 Hasbro Kickback*   

*Side Note: Although the packaging for G1 Kickback is dated for 1984, the official U.S. release for the figure was in 1985. The confusion can be attributed to the date of figure's U.S. patent which was filed by Hasbro on August 21, 1984.

This is not a KO, this is an authentic unopened 1984 Decepticon Kickback


  • Authentic 35 y/o vintage figure
  • Sealed
  • Superb box condition is perfect for collectors
  • Vintage design, paint, sculpt, and transformation
  • Die-cast parts


  • 1 Chrome blaster
  • 1 Sticker sheet

Standard Condition (Mint)

  • Minor creasing and package wear
  • No package yellowing
  • Tape firmly affixed
  • Flat card flap with no creasing
  • figure firmly attached to bubble
  • Good candidate for AFA
  • Kickback remains bagged, bubble wrapped, and sealed in a box to prevent wear
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