Masters of the Universe: Webstor (1983)

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Vintage Webstor from the 1983 MOTU line of figures.


  • Excellent vintage sculpt, paint, and detail
  • Twist-able waste with power punch action
  • Backpack has a real working grapple hook that allows the figure to climb


  • Backpack With Grapple Hook
  • Laser Rifle
  • Removable Armor

Standard Condition (MINT):

  • New
  • Creasing and discoloration to card back
  • Rubber band that held the grappling hook, backpack, and armor together has broken due to age. Please note that the rubber band has no function other than to hold the aforementioned parts together for packaging display purposes
  • No yellowing to the bubble, but there is a small dent to front bottom right corner
  • Bubble is firmly attached and is free from cracks, breaks, and denting

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